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About Us

Daniela Machado

Daniela is a qualified high school teacher with an MSc in Cognition in Science and Society (philosophy, psychology and cognitive science). She has been trained by The Philosophy Foundation, Sapere, Dialogue Works and the British Mindfulness Institute. Philosophical dialogue is central to her teaching of RMPS (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies). She has trained teachers, helping to establish and resource a philosophy-based 'Skills for Life' course, and has trained and mentored graduate students in delivering P4C, overseeing their development in the classroom.

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Dr. Rosa Hardt

Rosa is a trained facilitator with a PhD in Philosophy, who does woodwork with  adults with learning disabilities and autism. She has facilitated philosophy discussions in schools, prisons, art spaces, and community groups. Her work in education has spanned from primary school teaching assistant to online postgraduate tutor. Rosa has been trained by The Philosophy Foundation, Sapere, Dialogue Works, and Navigate. She has a BSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, and an MSc in the Philosophy of Cognitive Science. Her PhD focused on the role of emotions in working out and acting on our values. 

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Conor McMullin

Conor is a trained facilitator with an undergraduate degree in Law and Philosophy (UCD), and an MSc in Psychology of Mental Health (UoE). He has been trained by both University College Dublin and the University of Edinburgh in the P4C method, as well as by Dialogue works in the metacognitive approach. He has experience facilitating classes in primary and secondary schools across Ireland and Scotland, and volunteers on a weekly basis with Aware Ireland

as a Life Skills Online support worker. He is an avid reader of all things philosophy, psychology, and literature, and has a keen interest in furthering embodied approaches to education; both through practice and research.


James Warwick

James has worked for seven years with people and plants in schools, woodlands and community gardens. For the past two years he has led a creative, nature-based workshop space for adults with learning disabilities and their support workers. He is an experienced facilitator with a keen interest in group work and process. He especially enjoys spaces where learning something together becomes therapeutic. He is currently training with The International Focusing Institute ( ) as a Wholebody Focusing teacher. As part of The Wisdom Collective he is especially excited about exploring "thinking together with the whole body". He feels lucky to be immersed in the day-to-day grit, joy and mystery of being father to a baby son.

Emily James

Emily is a private English, philosophy and psychology tutor  and yoga instructor with an M.Sc. in mind, language and

embodied cognition from The University of Edinburgh. She also holds a BA in Philosophical Studies from Newcastle

University. She is currently undertaking training to be a BCYT accredited yoga therapist with Yogacampus.

Emily has taught several undergraduate groups in philosophy at The University of Edinburgh and has run several workshops across the UK on yoga for insomnia and

sleep recovery based on the book by Lisa Sanfilippo, and has assisted Lisa on teacher trainings. In autumn 2021, she

organised the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival.

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