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Schools & Universities

Explore ideas together

We create opportunities for children

and young people to learn how to think

both independently and collaboratively,

helping them to investigate their

fundamental beliefs and communicate with

others. These capacities are crucial to learning

and living as a responsible citizen. We aim to increase

philosophical thinking in Scottish schools so students
develop the toolkit required to critically, creatively and reflectively navigate a world of uncertainty and information overload while considering diverse perspectives.

We also offer the possibility of incorporating mindfulness into philosophy session, as well as offering mindfulness courses. 

We offer:

Philosophy in schools
1. Working with classes throughout the year. This allows us to fully explore all the possibilities of philosophy and to build a strong relationship with a class.

2. Block of 6-10 sessions with a class. See topics below.

3. Working with schools or individual teachers to develop philosophical thinking within and across the curriculum

Thinking Moves in schools

1. We offer courses in Thinking Moves to develop students' capacity for metacognitive learning.

2. We train teachers in Thinking Moves so that they can develop their students' capacity for metacognitive learning.

Mindfulness in schools

1. Mindfulness incorporated into philosophy sessions or

2. Mindfulness courses: 6 session block.



We offer:

Training and mentoring postgraduates to facilitate philosophy discussions with children. 

Schools can choose from a range of topics...



General Philosophy

Participants explore a variety of philosophical issues such as selfhood, reality and what exists, knowledge and moral issues. 


Social Justice, Identity and Equality

Participants consider a range of issues around what makes us who we are, and issues of gender, race, equality and freedom of speech. 


Nature and Climate Change

This theme allows participants to think carefully about what nature means to them, whether it is valuable and how to understand that value. It also encourages them to think critically and creatively about climate change  and climate change activism. 


Self and Society

Participants think about what makes us who we are, and concepts of individuality, as well as social norms, society, and the world we would like to live in. 


Ethics and relationships

Participants think about topics including friendship, our values, and how we treat those around us.


Thinking Moves: Metacognition

We use Thinking Moves to develop students' metacognitive abilities.



We teach children and young people to attend closely to the world, their experiences, and their thoughts. Students have opportunities to discuss how they found mindfulness activities, and philosophical issues that arise out of them.

 "I'd recommend the Wisdom Collective and their training to anyone who wants to be able to have deeper and more constructive conversations about difficult questions".

Dave Ward, Lecturer, University of Edinburgh