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Think. Relate. Create.

The Wisdom Collective provides customised services for organisations to work through questions related to particular projects and issues. We also facilitate discussions that improve critical thinking skills and develop interpersonal understanding. We use Thinking Moves to structure and guide sessions, support metacognition, and provide a communication tool to aid reflection, and analyse and develop processes. To see examples of our work, visit our Case Studies page, and to book a session please contact us.

Colleagues Working Together

Issue Based Support

Issue based support involves responding to goals, questions and
concerns relevant to your workplace. Goals we can help you with include  developing your ethos, refining your vision, widening your reach and improving your time management. Using philosophical questioning techniques, we draw out underlying motivations and ideas, and support staff to critically assess and refine them, and discover novel and interesting perspectives. Our philosophical background enables us to help teams, organisations and individuals develop practical and creative strategies going forward. 

Intellectual and Interpersonal Development 

Intellectual and interpersonal development work involves a series of sessions that develop fundamental social, emotional and cognitive skills. Philosophical enquiries require participants to step out of their comfort zone and explore what is uncertain and complex, where questions are more common than answers, and there is a need to navigate interpersonal differences and conflicting views. This orientation to the process of critical and creative enquiry is supported by facilitators who support groups to develop their own journeys and learn from and about each other. Having a block of time set aside deliberately to explore questions and topics that we might not otherwise allow the time for, can help us pause, and build trust and community with each other, and invites us to approach ordinary experiences, ourselves and others differently. 


For more information see our Approach section. 


"Thinking Moves provided a concise and practical framework for investigating the philosophical foundations underpinning our aims and ethics of our company. This has proved greatly beneficial both at the level of interpersonal relationships within our management team and at the big picture level of company-wide decision-making policy. I would strongly recommend ‘Thinking Moves’ and 'The Wisdom Collective’ to anyone looking for a dose of clarity amidst the confusion of modern life."

Tim Vincent-Smith, Pianodrome Director