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What People Say

Sara, Parent

Sara, Parent

"Freya has really enjoyed the philosophy sessions, both in person and online, and feels it has been a very important part of her educational journey. Thank you for all your input and inspiration"

Sara, mother of a home education student.

Carrongrange High School

“Once pupils got the hang of it, it was amazing hearing what they came up with... It really helped both classes with their listening and speaking skills.”

Teacher at Carrongrange High School for Students with Additional Support Needs. 

Dave, Lecturer

The Wisdom Collective provided first-class training  to our postgraduate students that allowed them to confidently facilitate philosophical discussions with school children. It was stimulating and fun, and helped them grow as teachers and thinkers. 

Dave Ward, University of Edinburgh

I found the workshops engaging and entertaining. It was fun to use the thinking moves to become more aware of what different approaches can be taken to understanding a problem, and really useful to consider which types of thinking moves I tend to make. 

Matt Wright, Pianodrome Director

Amy, Designer

I really enjoyed working with the team on how Thinking Moves could be applied to my business. It clearly has endless possibilities in terms of structuring internal processes. During our time together we were able to create a 'Thinking Move' for my client onboarding which I am using all the time.

Amy, Begin Studio

Broughton High School

"Rosa provided an excellent opportunity for philosophical enquiry... She showed a high level of skill and engagement with the pupils and was able to successfully deliver high quality learning and teaching on various philosophical issues."

RMPS teacher at Broughton High School

Matt, Director

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