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We work in schools, workplaces, and communities to help participants to think critically and creatively, and explore ideas together. We use philosophical enquiry to support activities that span: solving workplace issues, training teachers, and developing the fundamental cognitive and emotional skills that allow people to thrive in life and at work.


Our sessions are lively and intellectually stimulating. They develop participants' curiosity and emphasise the process of open and engaged enquiry.



By using a questioning approach and encouraging people to listen to each others’ perspectives and respond respectfully, we aim to:

  • Improve critical and creative thinking, 

  • Support confidence and agency in learning,

  • Build communication skills, and 

  • Encourage caring relationships. 


Schools & Universities

We provide a reflective space for students to explore ideas together. We support children and young people to develop cognitive, social and emotional skills, and to become responsible citizens and confident individuals. We aim to improve their wellbeing, and work towards closing the attainment gap.

We also work with Universities to help train and mentor postgraduates in philosophical facilitation.

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We provide:

  • Issue based support. Our facilitated support helps workplaces to tackle particular issues. This goal-driven approach uses philosophical skills to help workplaces to uncover and scrutinise fundamental values, beliefs and assumptions, to lay out the problem space, define priorities, and think creatively to develop effective processes and strategies.

  • Intellectual and interpersonal development. Through a series of discussions between colleagues, participants are given the opportunity to transform their intellectual approach to one of free and open enquiry. This process-driven approach develops transferable intellectual and interpersonal skills. 

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